FBD July Challenge- Full Body Workout Challenge

FBD July Challenge has Arrived!!

For those of you who saw our June Burpee Challenge and completed it, congrats! You are probably burpee’d out! This month we decided to switch it up a bit since there are tons of challenges out there currently (ie. Squat Challenge, Ab Challenge, etc) so we wanted to make up a workout challenge!

Below you will find the Calendar for July and what you will be completing each day.
For those of you who are unsure of what each exercise is, we will be posting a video shortly.

fbdchallenge1 copy

PART 1: Workout
Triceps dips
Push ups
Jump squats
Alternating reverse lunges

PART 2: Core 
Plank hold
Mountain climbers
Plank jacks

PART 3: Cardio 
Jumping jacks
Air boxing
Low jacks
Half burpees


Full Body Developments Inc.

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