FBD’s June BURPEE Challenge


Today is the day! You have all probably heard of the squat challenge and sit up challenge etc, so FBD is spicing it up with our own month long challenge. June is our BURPEE Challenge. Follow the calendars daily total of burpees, and by the end you will have done 448 total!!!

A true Burpee:
Jump up with your arms up, jump down to a pushup, jump into a crouch position, and explode back up with a jump.

Modified Burpee:
Involves you standing up with your arms up, walking it out to a plank position, walking back up (or jumping to a crouch position) and then standing up again with your arms up

Your daily goal is to do all the required burpees in a row. You can take little breaks if it becomes to intense. Or if you are struggling and need more time you can spread them out throughout the day but the main objective is to do them all in a short period of time with little breaks.

Feel free to “like” us on facebook and tag yourself in the photo if you are participating. Also share the picture to friends and family and post how your progress is going

Good luck to everyone during this challenge 🙂

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