Welcome to Full Body Developments!

We believe that pricing should never be hidden just to get you through our doors, instead you do your research and compare what best suites your needs and affordability, hence why we lay it all out below.

With personal training you will always recieve one FREE session! Why? Well, we want you to make sure you like our style of training and feel comfortable committing to us. Group classes we do not offer a free session but once you try one out and you enjoyed it (which we know you will), you can sign up for any availability we have or be put on a “filler” list!

Our packages & prices are simple…
We believe training should be affordable for everyone, and you should not be locked into a contract. So we keep it simple. Your session price is $1/minute+gst. If you have a friend or someone else join your session (considered a partner(s) session) then your price is even lower! If you ever decide to stop training, NO PROBLEM! Remember you are not locked in to a contract.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at or fill out the “Reserve your FREE session” on our homepage  and we will be happy to answer any of your questions!

** SPOTS ARE LIMITED!!**  E-mail us at to get started!

Going on to 9 years strong now, thanks everyone for all the support!

1-on-1 Sessions:
60 minute $60 + GST
45 minute $45 + GST
30 minutes $30 + GST
Partner Sessions: 2 peep/PT Session
60 minute $35/person + GST
45 minute $30/person + GST
30 minute $25/person + GST
Small Group Sessions: 3 peeps/PT session
60 minutes $30/person + GST
45 minutes $25/person + GST
30 minutes $20/person + GST
Group classes: 4-6 peeps
45 minute


For nutrition coaching prices please click the link to go to our FBD Flex Nutrition Program page


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