Are YOU ready to take the Plank Challenge?

This week join Full Body Development in their plank hold challenge. Put some music on and try to relax and see how long you can hold the plank for. All this week our clients are being challenged and we must say the times we are getting are phenomenal! We got a ton of clients with strong cores, thats for sure. 

So even though you may not train with us, give this challenge a try! You may be surprise just how long you can hold a plank for. 

Our top 3 times are:
1. 10:01 <— yes we know, ridiculous! haha
2. 5:32
3. 4:38

Let us know if you can get within the top 3 and if you don’t, challenge yourself again another day until you reach your goal. 

Good luck and happy planking!

P.S. Planks being done are on your elbows 🙂 


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