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FBD Flex Nutrition Program **** NOW AVAILABLE****

We all know diet and exercise are important aspects for getting in shape and achieving our deam body but here’s the truth…before committing in a crazy workout routine, you need to focus on getting your diet in check. Diet will outrule everything else because no matter how hard a workout program may be, you will NEVER out train a bad diet…NEVER!

So what is a good diet? Does it consist of eating a plate full of greens and eating “clean”, avoiding ALL “bad” foods. Or is it about portions and balance? Well, its a mixture of both. Welcome to the world of fitness and nutrition where nothing is black and white. But we have made nutrition easy! For starters let’s rid of the term “clean eating” because clean eating can make your weight loss goals impossible too! Have you ever seen a ripped panda with abs? No, because even though they eat “clean” they store more than they burn. <—- THAT is what matters, you need to eat LESS than what you BURN, in other words you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight. If you goal is to put on mass you need to eat the same or more than what you burn.

We will help you find what you naturally burn on a day to day basis and help you achieve the appropriate amount of calories/day to get to your goal (whether it’s weight loss or weight gain). We do NOT believe that you should be starving everyday to get to your goal, but you shouldn’t feel stuffed either.

We use the Flexible Dieting approach, hence where we get the “FLEX” for our program name. Flexible Dieting is allowing you to still enjoy the foods you love but we teach you how to incorporate them.

So if your goal is to lose weight or change your body composition let us help you reach that goal and unleash your full potential in the kitchen AND in the gym!

Join our FBD Flex Nutrition Program today!

Chad and Jessica Aboughoushe
Personal Training Specialist, Precision Nutrition Level 1

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