Kathy A
Jan 23, 2015:

Let me start by saying, I have been with FBD pretty much since the beginning (2013). LOVE IT!
I have tried going to places by myself, taking fitness classes over the years but never 1-on-1 personal training. Like most people I thought I could do it on my own..
We all think we know what is best for our bodies, but sometimes all it takes is trainers like Chad and Jessica that actually care about your well being, to help with the healing, mentally and physically, of everyone’s issues and we all have them :). It also starts with TRUST, trusting your capabilities and trusting their knowledge, once you have both of these it gives you POWER and confidence within that you can do it.
I am 53 years old and have an amazing family and I want them to see that it is important to be healthy at any age. When I was younger, before I had kids I was very active, it was a big part of my life. Then I got married and had kids and slowly the sports became nil. I lived for my family and not for me, nothing wrong with that, however, my bones became neglected and before I knew it signs of not taking care of myself was become more and more apparent.
I have struggled with back pains, oh yes back pains! Along with other things, just like everyone else. I wake up stiff and sore, could barely bend over at times without pain, not a day goes by with some kind of pain. Sure its convenient to take pills to deal with the pain, but my body was asking for more, it needed to be active again. Listen to your body!!
I was scared when I signed up for 2 days a week at the beginning, not sure how my body, let alone myself would react to this type of training but, I knew I had to do it for me!! I had to trust Chad and Jessica, yeah easier said than done right?? Wrong! I knew I had to overcome more pain for the gain of becoming stronger mentally and physically. First session, I could barely do one push up…no kidding!! Squats, yikes! and then these darn things called burpees.. oh my!
For the first while I struggled, I had tears in my eyes during the sessions and many night after a session I would say ‘why am I doing this to myself’?!?! Remember, your doing it for you.. no pain no gain! I had to get my back and core stronger, lots of hard work ahead and I was determined to Just Do It! I am now training 3 days a week and thinking of doing more, like start yoga!
Like I said, I have been with Chad and Jessica since almost the beginning and I have seen so much improvement. I am stronger mentally (I wonder about that sometimes ;)) and physically! I can do push ups, squats and yes..those lovely things called burpees that we all just love to do… actually I really don’t mind them now. (But don’t tell them that 😉 )
Do I have back pain? The answer is yes, BUT very little, I more than likely will always have them but with the workouts that are planned solely for me, I know that I can deal with it, and no more tears!!! NO MORE EXCUSES!! 🙂
Love you guys!

Stephanie Z

I signed up for Full Body Developments after hearing about their bootcamp class, while in the midst of trying to find that extra push I felt I needed to meet my personal goals. I’ve always been an active person, and enjoy physical activity within a class environment, so I thought I’d give Full Body Developments a try, knowing that summer was just around the corner and couldn’t fathom the idea of spending my summer nights inside an air-conditioned, stuffy gym. I really enjoyed the classes being outdoors – as long as there was ample bug spray available, it was an overall good experience. When you spend the majority of your days inside, at a desk, it’s nice to know you can look forward to being outside on bootcamp days. Even when it rained, we got to enjoy some of the most beautiful rainbows, in between our squats and shoulder presses… The workout routines themselves are different with every class, which keeps your muscles and your mind constantly guessing. I feel that I don’t get a good workout if I don’t feel the muscle fatigue the next day. And I always felt it the next day. By the end of summer I had lost a number of inches, and toned my arms and core. On our first day at bootcamp, we had a series of exercises to do, and reach a maximum repetition within a 1 minute window. On our last day of bootcamp, we did the same series of exercises, and compared numbers from day one. It was such a rewarding experience, to see that most of the exercises had doubled in reps. You truly don’t know how much stronger you’ve become, until you can compare hard numbers. I really  like that Chad and Jessica incorporated this into their summer bootcamp, as it gave us a sense of accomplishment after 4 months of hard work. Thanks Full Body Developments!

~2013 Bootcamper~

Davin D

I’ve never done personal training, and have never considered it until I met Chad and heard him talking about his business while at work.  Just the initial consultation blew me away with how in depth they went, and how nice they were.  The fact that they weren’t doing a sales pitch and were extremely humble and polite about everything really made a difference in deciding to try it out.  Within 3 weeks I had seen more results than I had after going to the gym for more then 2 months. Every workout is more challenging then the next because Chad and Jess give you no choice but to give 110%.  They may be my trainers but they act more like a friend who’s constantly driving you to do what you never thought you could.  Between the intensity of the workouts, the positive attitudes, the constant compliments and never ending encouragement I don’t think I can find a single reason why I would ever want to stop coming back.

~Current couples training client of 6 months~

Christine M

A huge thanks to Jess+Chad for putting together a great bootcamp this summer. I was lucky to sign up in place of someone else and my recommendation to anyone looking to make a difference in their physical+mental health, is to join at the beginning and commit!

Attending every week is good, but twice a week is really needed if it is results you want. The intensity grows, expectations are not really  for anyone but yourself. The stations are all challenging and depending on how you like to be motivated, Jess+Chad are there to support. Overall it was a great experience. Thanks guys!

~2013 Bootcamper~

Justine Shortreed
I began my journey into the personal training world after leaving my previous job I was unhappy with. I decided I wanted to be a personal trainer and chose to get started with my own trainer for some hands on experience. Enter, Jessica Aboughoushe. Little did I know that I had actually met not only my Personal Trainer, but someone I admire, and someone who is now a good friend who I learned – and continue to learn – so much from. Jessica is a hands-on, dynamic trainer who specializes in functional training techniques. She makes working out fun and effective. Her energy is infectious. She is always learning new moves, and researching new techniques. You can really tell that Personal Training is not just a job to her, it’s a lifestyle and a passion. She helped guide me into my new career in Personal Training while kicking my butt! In my opinion Jessica is a really great trainer, and I believe she will go far in the Training biz!

~2011 Client~

Gina Bruni 
For as long as I can remember, I was always overweight or as I called it … fat and I had tried everything to lose weight. I have been on every diet, took diet pills, ate salads, diet soups and even had injections but nothing worked for me. Deciding to hire a personal trainer was not easy for me. I knew it would involve hard work, determination, commitment, and worst of all …. having a skinny chick staring at my fat body and probably laughing inside as I was not able to do one push up. I was also very afraid as I had high blood pressure and I thought I might have a heart attack or because I was in such bad shape, I was worried about injuring myself. One day, I just did it. I put my fears aside and I hired Jessica Aboughoushe. She was exactly what I pictured. A cute, skinny chick wearing lululemon pants, clothes I thought I would never fit in. During our first session, Jessica took the time and really listened to my concerns, my fears and my goals. She also weighed me, took my measurements and most importantly…. guaranteed me that I would one day wear lululemon !! The first few weeks were not easy, but I soon realized that Jessica was not just a skinny chick in lululemon pants. She was an excellent trainer who genuinely cared about me and obviously loved her job. She took the time to listen to me and somehow knew if I was really able to give her “three more” or not. Even though at first I was not seeing the results I wanted, she kept pushing me and encouraging me and before I knew it, I had lost weight, inches, I was feeling great and I fit in lululemon pants !! I can truthfully say that Jessica truly loves her job, genuinely cares for her clients and is able to help anyone reach their goals, if they are willing to help themselves. Jessica never gave up on me and for that I will be forever grateful and I am happy to call her a friend. After this experience I can honestly say that working with a personal trainer made a huge difference in my weight loss journey. Many, many times I told Jessica that I was unable to do “one more” as I was gonna die. Well, I gave her “one more” many, many times and I am not dead, but I am skinnier !! From the bottom of my much healthier heart, thank you Jessica.

~2011 Client~

Ginette Biro:
I first met Jessica a few years ago when she was transferred to me as a personal training client. We clicked instantly as her optimism, intellect and down to earth personality were very apparent from the start. As a result, I had the opportunity to train Jessica over the course of 6 months and quickly noticed her desire to gain a deeper understanding of health and fitness. She was often asking questions and connecting the dots and as a Kinesiologist I was more than happy to explain training theories and applications in more detail. She stood out from the rest and I soon wanted her to be a part of our fitness team. Over the next few years we had many opportunities to work side by side and I had the chance to observe her unique training style. She strives to tailor workouts to suit her clients individual needs and she is not afraid to research and or ask for help if she is unsure about something. I highly recommend Jessica as a trainer as she provides a high quality service… and she is a lot of fun too!

Ginette Biro ~B.Kin
Kinesiologist and personal trainer

Courtney Barker 
I have trained with Jessica for over a year and I have learned so much about physical fitness and health.  Jessica has pushed me  passed physical fitness limits and helped me attain satisfaction with my body and my health in general.

Jessica’s training techniques have enabled me to find happiness with my physical self that I never knew possible.  It is with Jessica’s encouragement and knowledge that I was able to rehab after laproscopic abdominal surgery and compete at a national level in dragon boating in a four month time frame.

I would and have recommended Jessica as a personal trainer because of her knowledge, positive attitude and ability to create workouts that are specialized for individual goals.

Courtney Barker

~2011 Client~

Jason P
As I client of the fun-loving and friendly Jessica Aboughoushe, I witnessed her training techniques and genuine personality firsthand. She was knowledgeable in her training methods, energetic, and took the initiative to set up an effective workout plan suited to my physical abilities  and constantly giving me new challenges. She has an ease about her that makes clients comfortable and helps them to reach their fitness goals. Also, fun fact: she has a parrot named Oreo. If needed, she could accompany Jessica to a training session if you need extra beaking for motivation. 🙂

~2011 client~

Cam V

I was looking for something fresh compared to conventional gym workout, so I joined Jessica and Chad’s Bootcamp over the summer of 2012. Chad, with his extensive knowledge of strength training and Jessica’s high energy and ability to pick out little postural changes was great!! I was bagged after every workout and feeling great! My core strength and flexibility was noticeably improving. Those tire flips and rope exercises were the best! Jessica and Chad are the perfect team and I will definitely be back!

~2012 Bootcamper~

Vicki Brown:
I was scared at first to come to boot camp. But it was more then worth it. My day 1 goal was to do a “real” push up and at my last day I did 15! Jessica & Chad were always more then happy to help and made it fun while getting results! Thanks so much guys, can’t wait to join your next boot camp! 🙂

~2012 Bootcamper~

Nancy K:
After having knee surgery in November and a lack of exercise due to a weak knee, I was more than excited about starting a 15 week boot camp with Chad and Jessica. Their boot camp exceeded any expectations that I had. Not only did their mixed cardio/weight training tone my body, but they offered modified exercises to prevent further injury to my knee. I would highly recommend Full Body Developments to anyone; whether they are a beginner or a enthused athlete.

~2012 Bootcamper & 2013 Bootcamper~

Kara Brown:
Full Body Developments Boot Camp was an amazing experience. Chad and Jessica were awesome and so encouraging. I need motivation to get going and I definitely feel that I got that. I would definitely recommend Full Body Developments to anyone and will definitely return to them.

~2012 Bootcamper~

Francine L:
Doing boot camp with Chad and Jessica since May 1st to August 14 sure was fun. They are very pleasant people! I cannot wait for next spring to sign up again. Take it from me if anyone is looking to join a boot camp next spring look into Full Body Developments, you won’t regret it. Chad and Jessica really know what their doing. Thanks you two, looking forward to the next one.

~2012 Bootcamper~

Chanel L:
Never too late to get back into shape and this boot camp was definitely the place to get you active. Very well done boot camp.

~2012 Bootcamper~


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