Give It Your All Workout- July 25, 2012


Tonight’s’ workout is named ‘Give it Your All Workout’ because there was NO part of me that wanted to workout tonight but I pushed myself through it! Since I started this new day job, its a bit more stressful and I am not use to the type of work so I feel exhausted after work, which is why I didn’t have the energy to workout. But because I know that this is the reason and I know its not the cause of over exercising, I gave it my all and had to really push myself but I feel great now that its done!

Here is the workout breakdown:

Give It Your All Workout: 
Part One: 5 minute abs
Set your timer to 5 rounds of 10/1:00
1. crunch ups
2. 10 bicycles- 10 plank jacks
3. mountain climbers
4. mini crunches
5. Plank ground pounds

Part Two: Main Workout 
Tonight I didn’t set my gymboss as a stop watch as I knew my time would be bad, however, if you have the energy do this workout as a time challenge
14x Squat to reverse lunge (7/side)
12x Reverse grip inverted row
15x speed skaters (one side at a time)
15x speed skaters (other side) 
3x (2 push ups to 5 half burpees) 

Enjoy 🙂

Full Body Developments Inc. 


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