July 23, 2012 Workout

Good evening,

Tonight’s workout was designed to work on those specific areas that I either love working on or feel like I need to work on more. I definitely got a good sweat going on but you will only get out what you put in.. give it your 100% effort and really focus on those muscles that were targeting and you will definitely get the same outcome!

Here is the breakdown:
Part One: 5 min abs 
Set your gymboss to 5 rounds of 10/1:00 and complete the following:
1. 90 degree crunch with bum lift 
2. weighted leg lifts (i used a 10lb sand filled medicine ball)
3. Overhead weighted sit ups 
3. Crunch ups 
4. Back extensions 

Part Two: Main Workout 
Set your gymboss as a stopwatch and complete the following- keep good form throughout! Complete 4 rounds:
1. Elevated toes sandbag deadlifts x15 (you can place a dumbbell under your foot to elevate your toes)
2. One arm bent over row – L x12
3. One arm bent over row- R x12
4. Dynamic squats x20
5. Shoulder raises x12
Jessica’s Time: 12:29

Part Three: 200 high knee skipping 
Set your gymboss once again as a stop watch. 
Jessica’s time: 1:29 

Enjoy 🙂

Full Body Developments Inc. 


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