July 18, 2012 Workout

So I really wanted Chad to try this workout out and see what he honestly thought of it, so we re-visited my sunday workout- Looks Can Be Deceiving Workout. We haven’t posted any workouts in a few days but we have been super active the past few days. Monday we went for a run, our first run together this year and it was awesome! I personally hate running but its good to do it every once in awhile to switch things up. Have you been keeping active? If not, how come? If you get into a routine of staying active it will come natural to you. You will realize that you aren’t sitting in front of the computer/tv as much and you will find that you will want to go and do a workout. So try it out, get into that routine and make fitness a big part of your life.

Here is the workout breakdown:

Looks Can Be Deceiving Workout Breakdown:

Part One: 5 minute abs
Set your gymboss timer to 5 rounds of 10/1:00 intervals and complete the following:
1. Alternating toe touches
2. Cherry pickers
3. 5 mountain climbers to 5 plank jacks  
4. Weighted sit up with side twists 
5. Crunch ups (legs at a 90 degree position, feet off the floor, crunch up & try to touch your ankles)

Immediately go into Part Two

Part Two: Main Workout 
Set your gymboss timer to count down 20:00 minutes and complete as many rounds as you can.
1. 25 high knee skipping 
2. 10x Arnold Press
3. 25 high knee skipping 
4. 15x/side sliding lunge 
5. 25 high knee skipping 
6. 10x side jump- 2 jump squats- side jump

Jessica’s rounds (BEFORE): 4.5 rounds (TODAY) 5.75 rounds!!!!!! WOO HOO!
Jessica’s weight: 10 lbs and weighted skipping rope  

Chad’s rounds: 4.5 rounds 
Chad’s weight: 10 lbs and weighted skipping rope (he did this workout barefoot…ouch!) 

Enjoy! 🙂

Full Body Developments Inc. 


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