Summer Heat Wave Workout- July 9

Today we hit a record high in temperature, it is so hot and humid here it is almost disgusting (better then snow though!). Working out in this humidity, especially when you aren’t accustomed to it is tough. In no time I was dripping sweat in this time challenge workout.

Here is the breakdown:

Summer Heat Wave Workout 
Complete the following as fast as possible, keeping good form throughout.

10x drop down reverse push up burpee with 2 jump squats 
10x skull crushers
12x Renegade rows
100x high knee skipping
15x med ball wall throw & squat  

Complete for a total of 3 rounds

Jessica’s time: 12:51 
Jessica’s weight:
10lb dumbbells
weighted skipping rope
8lb med ball

Enjoy! 🙂

Full Body Developments Inc.  


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