Shred Me Workout- July 6 2012

Hey guys,

It is SO hot out today that it was hard to get motivated to workout, as we wanted to spend as much time outside enjoying the sun. However, we made a quick time challenge workout- that way you can workout, get it out of your way and be guilty free all night 🙂

Today’s workout is a time challenge, it will definitely get the blood pumping in your muslces. For this workout, you will need to really focus on your form (proper posture throughout- meaning shoulders depressed and chest up). Here is the workout breakdown:

You will complete 4 rounds of this workout:
1) 15x weighted squats
2) 5x ab splitters* 
3) 10x side/forward shoulder raises
4) 10x standing v-press*
5) 10x 3 hammer curls to 6 DB punches

Jessica’s time: 18:35
Jessica’s weight: (1) 20lbs (2) — (3) 5lbs (4) 5lbs (5) 5lbs
Chad’s time: 15:59 (AWESOME time babe!) 😉
Chad’s weight: (1) 30lbs (2) — (3) 5lbs (4) 5lbs (5) 5lbs

2)* Ab splitters- lay on the ground, complete the following in sequence, not allowing your shoulders or feet to touch the ground- touch reaches, star crunch ups, froggy crunch (this counts as 1 rep!)
3)* Standing V-Press- this is the exact same thing as a bench V-press expect now you are standing. Have your shoulder set, weights to the side of you with your arms at a 90 degree angle. Depress your shoulder blades as you push your chest up and bring the DB’s in front of you, really focusing on your chest squeezing. This one, if done properly should get your chest bright red in no time!


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