Late Night Cravings…

Hey guys,

Soooooooooo Jessica and myself had some late night cravings for Dairy Queen ice cream. After we regretfully consumed our craving we were craving a workout!
Here is the break down of this killer workout. To make things worse it was a PYRAMID!

1. Jump squat with 3 pulses
2. Side Lunge to squat (right)
3. Side Lunge to squat (left)
4. Mountain climbers to Leg lift with butt lift
5. Half burpee (tricep pushup) to bicycles
6. 1 legged bridge lift (right) to crunches
7. 1 legged bridge lift (left) to crunches
8. Tricep extension
9. Dumbbell swings

We definately both sweat out everything we had tonight and we feel great now! Bring a towel because you will need it 🙂

Jessica’s Time: 21min 56sec
Chad’s Time: 22min 46sec

Full Body Developments Inc.


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