Find Your Weakness Workout- June 21

Todays workout is one that may challenge you in areas that you are weakest in. As we workout, we tend to focus on the areas or exercises we are good at and avoid the ones that we aren’t so good at. This can leave us to cause muscle imbalances or prevent us from reaching a new level in our physical fitness.

Here is the break down:

Find Your Weakness Workout
Est time: 20 minutes
Equipement needed:
> stop watch
> elevated surface (couch, bench, box, dip station, etc anything to put your feet up on)
> dip station
> dumbbells (I used 10lbs)
> skipping rope

Part one: 200 high knee skipping
Jessica’s time: 1:25

Part Two: Main Workout
10x- 3 way jump squats (squat with feet very close to each other, then jump into a wider squat, then jump into a sumo squat)
10x- decline push up with knee crossover (have your feet up on a surface, do a push up and then bring opposite knee to elbow)
10x- inverted row
5x- 3 bicep curls to 3 shoulder press (curl 3 times, on your 3rd rep bring dumbbells into a shoulder press and complete three shoulder presses)

Repeat entire workout 3 more times for a total of 4 rounds!

Jessica’s time: 16:31


Full Body Developments Inc.  


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