Sweat it out workout- June 18, 2012

Good evening!

Tonight I did a workout that I found, but changed it up slightly and it was surprisingly tough. You definitely can make this workout easy by not giving it all you got, but if you utilize every second and push to your max you will be sweating it out in no time!

*Instructions on exercises is below the workout.  

Here’s the workout, it has multiple parts:

Sweat It Out Workout:
Part One: Set your timer to 8 rounds of 10/30 second intervals
1. Sandbag squat (sandbag on right shoulder)
2. Half burpee push up
3. Sandbag squat (sandbag on left shoulder)
4. Half burpee push up
Part Two: Time challenge- set your timer as a stop watch
Complete the following for 5 rounds!
10 pike side swings* – Roll over- 1 push up- 10 elbow plank hops* – rolled over- 1 push up- 10 pike side swings (this counts as 1 rep!)
Part Three: Set your timer to 8 rounds of 10/30 seconds interval
1. Sandbag mini sumo squats (sandbag on right shoulder)
2. Flying superman push ups*
3. Sandbag mini sumo squats (sandbag on left shoulder)
4. Flying superman push ups
Part Four: Ab Time Challenge- set your time as a stop watch
1. 25x Cherry pickers (50x total)
2. 30x Crunch ups with 90 degree legs*
3. 30x Weighted sit ups
4. 30x Overhead abs*

My times:
Part two: 3:55
Part four: 4:25

*pike side swings: get into a pike press position and swing out your right leg to the side as high as you can, keeping your upper body stabilized, and when your right foot touches the ground swing your left leg- repeat. (you should be feeling your core)

*elbow plank hops-get into a plank position on your elbows, and with your feet together hop side to side, the further out you can hop without bending your legs, the more you will use your obliques and core strength.

*Flying superman push ups- do a push up and then extend your arm and opposite leg up, looking ahead of you, then place them back down and repeat with the other side.

*crunch up with 90 degree legs- keep your legs in a 90 degree position, keeping your core tight and do a regular crunch, ensuring that your legs stay in position,

*overhead abs- get in position as if you were to do a sit up, have your arms extended over your head, with a weight in your hand and crunch up as you bring the weight in line with your body- right above your head.


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