Sweat It Out Workout- June 14

Hey guys,

This mornings workout was a pretty challenging one. But it was a really good cardio, strength and endurance workout. You will feel you shoulders burning, your biceps begging you to stop and your body wanting to quit. Give it a try!

Today’s workout is a time challenge, but remember form comes first!- Quality over quantity! This is extremely important!!

Sweat It Out Workout
Set your gymboss as a stop watch and complete 3 rounds of this workout for time.

10x- 10 mountain climbers- push up- clean and press with sandbag
50x- high knee skipping
5x- 5 in/out jump squats – 5 plank jacks
50x- high knee skipping
20x- alternating reverse lunges with biceps curl
50x- high knee skipping  

Repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds

Jessica’s weight:
27lb sandbag
10lb dumbbells

Jessica’s time: 19:31


Full Body Developments Inc. 


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