Short and simple

Hi everyone,

So my workout was definately not as intense as Jessica’s (because she’s a tank) but it woke me up and really got the blood flowing in a short period of time. Here is my breakdown…

5 Minute abs
– Alphabets
– Side plank dips (30 seconds per side)
– Alternating toe touch
– Bicycles
– Crunches

Main Workout
– Sumo Squats X’s 10
– Sumo Squat cross overs X’s 5/side
– 20 Mountain Climbers
– Dive Bomber Push-up X’s 10
– Bicep curls X’s 10/side
– Chest press X’s 10

Repeat 4-5 times depending on the intensity.

This workout isn’t really that hard, but my goal with this workout is to get some strength back and progress to heavier dumbbells by next week. With me increasing the weight next week, this workout becomes that much harder.

Chad’s Weight: 15lbs dumbbell bicep curl, 30lbs dumbbell chest press

June 21/2012
Chad’s Weight: 15lbs dumbbell bicep curl, 40lbs dumbbell chest press


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