What is the future FBD?

When Chad and I decided to incorporate a fitness business we had this vision for it. Our vision was to transform a part of our home into a studio and make our clients feel at home and feel like part of a team. We found that place, and are excited to announce that Full Body Developments will officially open in November/December 2012!

Full Body Developments is affordable and will always be affordable. That is why we want to have the studio as part of our home so that we don’t have to raise our prices to pay for renting out a space. Full Body Developments is caring, once we are fully operational we will always have fresh coffee in the morning and healthy snacks to provide our clients once they just finished a wicked workout. Most importantly, Full Body Developments fits into everyones schedule, our workouts are fast, effective and will get you to your goal in no time! We don’t offer one hour sessions because well, we don’t believe in one hour sessions, we believe that working out should be fun and quick, hour long workouts get boring and take time out of your already busy schedule. Our workouts will be anywhere from 30-45 minutes and we will always finish up with a stretch routine. We challenge you to try the Full Body Developments way and feel the difference. Let us help you reach your FULL potential!

Click on Pricing at the top menu to view all of our affordable prices


Indoor mini boot camp:
Indoor boot camps consist of 4-6 people and are 60 minutes.

Outdoor Boot Camps:
Boot camps run every summer and our 60 minutes, call us for details!
$10/boot camp class

Drop in for $15

Full Body Developments Inc.

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