Time Challenge Workout Revisited

June 1, 2012: Workout Re-visited

Hey guys,

Tonight we put Cam, Mark, Tyler and myself through our famous June 1st Time Challenge workout. And they absolutely loved it. If you guys are wondering why we are re-visiting so many workouts its because we are being a tad obsessive in beating our older times, and as mentioned in previous posts- its good to re-visit older workouts. Anyways, heres the workout:

You will complete 4 rounds of this workout… 10 reps for each exercise

(10x) 10 mountain climbers-renegade rows- jump up- curl and press
(10x) One legged dead lifts -R
(10x) One legged dead lifts- L
(10x) Tricep push ups
(10x) Tricep dips to knee crunch on dip station

Chad’s 1st time: 22:14 Chad’s 2nd time: 19:23 Chad’s time TODAY: 16:51!!
Cam’s old time: 30:13  Cam’s time TODAY: 18:55!!
Mark’s time TODAY: 18:16
Tyler’s time TODAY: 21:33

Great job you guys!!!!! Now, I have to challenge my time which will be tomorrow! 🙂

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