June 9 Workout- Workout Revisited

Hey guys,

Tonight Chad and I did his pyramid warning workout from June 7. I wanted to give it a try so below is the workout with my time and Chad’s time as he revisited the workout to try and beat his time (he’s on a time beating frenzy lately 😉 hehe)

Here is the workout:

1. Weighted Squats with calf raise and quickly to pulse squats
2. Reverse Lunge to Knee up (Left)
3. Reverse Lunge to Knee up (Right)
4. Mountain Climbers
5. Bicep curl to shoulder press
6. Dive Bomber push-ups

This exercise is short but it is super effective and uses every part of your body! Remember when doing a Pyramid that your reps go as follows… 5,10,15,10,5. I was extremely exhausted after this one, so I challenege anyone who thinks this is easy to post their time! 🙂

Chad’s OLD Time : 14mins 19sec         Chad’s NEW time: 12:47!!! Go Chad Go!!
Chad’s Weight : 25lbs dumbbells, 10lbs dumbbells

Jessica’s Time: 15mins 38sec
Jessica’s Weight: 20lbs dumbbells, 10lbs dumbbells

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