June 8, 2012 Workout


When I designed this workout I did not mean for it to be as hard as it was. Now, I don’t know if it was REALLY hard or I am just REALLY weak today… but either way, I found it extremely challenging. I think this is a workout I will have to re-visit to try and beat my time as I know I could do better!

Here is the workout breakdown:

You will complete 3 rounds of this workout:
15x One legged deadlifts- R
15x One legged deadlifts- L
15x Sliding knee crunches
*** Pyramid pushup & box jumps (up to 5)
10x Sliding oblique crunches
15x Curl and press

*** Pyramid pushup & box jumps- you will do 1 push up and 1 box jump, then 2 pushups and 2 box jumps, continue up to 5 push ups and 5 box jumps

Sliding knee crunches and sliding oblique crunches- use a towel, get in a plank position and either bring both knees in for the knee crunch or bring both legs to the side for the oblique crunch

My time: 21:47  

Full Body Developments Inc.


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