June 4, 2012 Workout

Tonight Chad, myself and our buddy Cam re-visited another old workout. It’s a time challenge and our goal was to beat our old time. Cam hasn’t done this workout so today was his first run through with this.

Lately we have been revisited older workouts because we want to test out our progression. When you always switch up the workouts but never revisit an older one, its really hard to determine if you are actually getting stronger or if you’r endurance has increased.

On a side note, if you are training to complete a specific goal (example: marathon, firefighter training, police training. increasing your strength, endurance. etc) These are going to be the best workouts for you. When you do our workouts you aren’t just focusing on a couple muscle groups or one component of training, you are focusing on FULL BODY workouts (you will engage many muscle groups in one workout) and you will use the 4 components of training (strength, power, endurance and flexibility), and because of this you will get results quicker. You will notice you can run longer without feeling bagged as quickly, you will notice you can jump higher, lift heavier, get toned quickly.

We challenge you to try and follow along for just a month. Remember, if you do live in the Edmonton Area we do also offer one on one personal training too, and together we can find your weak spots and work on making them stronger!

Anyways, enough blabber here is the workout breakdown and our times:


You will complete this workout as a pyramid. 5 reps, 10 reps, 15 reps, 10 reps, and 5 reps. You will have completed 5 rounds in total. Make sure to set your stop watch so you can see your time. Also, form comes first! 

1. Jump squats
2. Rear delt flies (Chad: 10lbs. Jess: 5lbs, Cam: 10lbs)
3. Bent over dumbbell rows (Chad: 10lbs, Jess: 5lbs. Cam:10lbs)
4. Walk out push ups (from a standing position, walk out into a plank and push up and walk back up to a standing position)
5. Mountain climbers
6. Chest press (Chad: 30lbs. Jess: 15lbs, Cam: 20lbs)

Chads first time: 12:25    second time: 11:54  time TODAY: 11:53.7!!!!
Jessica’s first time: 11:04  time TODAY: 10:58.3!!!
Cam’s time TODAY: 12:22.2!  (good time!)


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