Workout Re-visited- June 1

June 1, 2012: Workout Re-visited 

Hey guys,

Sorry for the late post..

Previously Chad and our good friend Cam revisited the May 20, 2012 workout.. Chad had previously done this workout, Cam never did. Chad wanted to beat his score and he succeeded today! They both completed this workout outside in direct sunlight, so you can imagine how hard this would have been. Here is the workout breakdown:

You will complete 4 rounds of this workout… 10 reps for each exercise

(10x) 10 mountain climbers-renegade rows- jump up- curl and press
(10x) One legged dead lifts -R
(10x) One legged dead lifts- L
(10x) Tricep push ups
(10x) Tricep dips to knee crunch on dip station

Chad’s old time: 22:14
Chad’s new time: 19:23!!!! (Now he’s gotta keep up with that time!) 
Cam’s time: 30:13 

 Full Body Developments Inc. 

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