May 29 2012 Workout

Today i decided to revisit my workout from May 1. This workout was extremely tough and it took a lot out of me to be able to push myself through it. When I first did this workout my time was 20:23 seconds, today however, I was unable to beat my time :(. My time today was 22:09 . I honestly pushed myself tonight but for some reason I could not beat my time, so this will now be something I will do every month to try and beat it. On a side note, I always work out in the morning and today I did this workout in the evening so I think I may need to revisit this one again but completing it in the morning as opposed to the evenings.

Here is the workout breakdown:

You will complete 10 reps of each exercise and do the entire workout 4 times. You are completing this workout for time, but keep proper form throughout!

1) 10x mountain climbers- renegade rows- jump to feet- curl to press
2)  sliding lunge- R
3) sliding lunge- L
4) Triceps push up
5) Tricep dips to ab crunch on dip station


Full Body Developments Inc. 

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