May 28th – Chad’s Morning Mashup

Hey everyone,

Todays workout is short and sweat….Don’t confuse sweat with sweet; its definately not sweet! 😉 

Here is the breakdown…
Start off with 5 minute abs (1 minute per exercise)
1. Leg raise with Butt lift
2. Bicycles
3. Rope pulls
4. Alternating toe touch
5. Crunches

Repeat the following exercises 4 times over.(20 rounds)
1. Weighted squats to calf raise (8 reps) then quickly go to exercise 2.
2. Pulse Squats (30)
3. Dive bomber push-ups (8)
4. Laying down back extension (8)
5. Push-up pyramid (go to level 4) (1 tricep push up, 2 wide push up, 3 tricep push up, 4 wide push up)

Repeat this 4 times…

Full Body Developments Inc.


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