May 25 Workout

Hey guys,

Chad decided to do his old pyramid workout to try and beat his time. This is something we should all do, revisit older workouts and see if we can complete more reps, beat the time or just see if we feel like we rocked it out harder compared to before.

This workout was one that he did a couple weeks ago, its a pyramid/time challenge workout. For the pyramid you will be completing 5 rounds, each round you will change your repetitions to 5 reps, 10 reps, 15 reps, 10 reps and 5 reps.

Here is the workout:


1. Jump squats
2. Rear delt flies (10lbs)
3. Bent over dumbbell rows (10lbs)
4. Walk out push ups (from a standing position, walk out into a plank and push up and walk back up to a standing position)
5. Mountain climbers
6. Chest press (30lbs)

Chads time BEFORE: 12:25
Chads time TODAY: 11:54!! 


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