May 24 Workout

May 24, 2012: Time Challenge Workout 

Part One: 4 minute of skipping 
Set your interval timer t0 8 rounds of 10/20

Part Two: Main Workout- TIme Challenge 

You will complete 10 reps of each exercise and repeat the entire workout for 4 rounds.

> 10x In/out jump squats
> 10x Inverted rows
>10x  Commando push ups
> 10x Speed skaters to side kick – R
> 10x Speed skaters to side kick – L
> 10x Worm crawl
> 10x Wood choppers – R
> 10x Wood choppers – L
> 10x Standing oblique crunch – R
> 10x Standing oblique crunch – L

Jessica’s time: So i was unable to push myself as hard as I wanted to because of my recent laser eye surgery I still have to be careful to not get sweat in my eyes. But i still manage to complete this entire workout in less then 30 minutes! My time was 28:10. 🙂

Full Body Developments Inc. 


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