Strength Workout- May 21

Hey guys,

I just recently got laser eye surgery and I can’t do any crazy intense workout regime for a bit because I need to avoid getting any sweat in my eyes. So today I am taking ‘er a bit easy but still challenging enough that I feel like I did a productive workout. So here is the workout today:

May 21- Strength Workout

1. 15 mini squat pulses with sandbag – 10 regular squats with sandbag
2. Dumbbell biceps side curl  12 reps/arm
3. Arnolds 12 reps
4. Pyramid pushups up to 5 (1 rep of wide push ups, 2 reps of tricep push ups, 3 reps of wide push ups, 4 reps of tricep push ups, 5 reps of wide push ups- total of: 15 push ups)
5. Speed skater to front leg lift 15 reps/ leg

Repeat 2 more times.

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