Time Challenge Workout & Plank It Out!

May 16, 2012: Time Challenge

You will complete 5 rounds of this workout for time. Remember form is extremely important, do not fail on form to get a better time!

– 20x Medicine ball squeeze mini squats
– 15x Medicine ball half burpees
– 10x Squat touch downs to hammer curls (start at the bottom of a squat, weights touching the ground, push yourself up to a standing position and hammer curl the weight, repeat)
– 10x (5x/side) Ground pounds

Jessica’s time: 12:14

You will complete the following 3 times over, each exercise will be done for 1 minute. 

– Plank twists (get in a plank and drop your hip to one side and pull it back up.. alternating sides)
– Medicine ball plank knee ins
– Reverse plank walk ins (start from a plank and walk your feet up towards your hands, keep your legs straight trying  not to bend your legs.. this will engage your lower abs)

Full Body Developments Inc.


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