Jessica’s strength workout

Hey guys,

So I asked Chad to make a workout for me today and this is what he is making me do.. 😉

Part One: 9 minute abs

You will complete each exercise for one minute, repeating the circuit 3 times:
1. Dip station knee crunch
2. Reverse crunch ins with bum lift (lay flat on the ground with feet a few inches of the ground, engage lower abs and bring your knees towards you chest, then engage your abs again and lift you bum slightly off the ground, bring you feet back to starting position)
3. Side plank lifts (30 seconds/side)

Part Two: Main workout 

Set your gymboss to 18R’s of 10/1:00.. or complete each exercise for 1 minute. Repeat the circuit 3 times.
1. Jump lunges
2. Mini pulse squats (stay low in a squat and pulse)
3. Pull ups (palms facing you.. targeting your back and biceps)
4. Tricep kick backs
5. Superman lat pulls
6. High knee skipping
Repeat 2 more times

This was a really challenging workout.. definitely a mind over matter type workouts. Enjoy! 🙂

Full Body Developments Inc. 

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