Chad’s interval/strength morning workout

Hey guys,

Here is the breakdown of my workout I did this morning. I basically went through our old workouts and peiced some exercises together. This workout is a mix of interval and strength training.

5 Minute abs

– Alphabets
– Leg lifts with butt lift
– Reptiles (alternating sides)
– Plank side dips (30 seconds per side)

Repeat the following exercises 3-4 depending on the intensity you want.

Main Workout  – Each exercise is performed for 1 minute

– Medicine ball push ups (5) to half burpee (3) (1 minute)
– Weighted Squats with calf raise (1 minute)
– Isometric bicep curl (30 seconds per side)
– Rear delt flies (30 seconds) straight to dumbell rows (30 seconds)
Repeat 2-3 more times

Once again this workout looks easy, but when you continuously do them without breaks and for a minute straight, your muscles get fatigued very quickly. This one will get your heart rate up and and the blood pumping. This workout is a quick but deadly FULL BODY workout!

Full Body Developments Inc.

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