February 16 Workout

Todays workout was another strength training routine, focusing on chest, triceps and shoulders. Again, the exercises are supersets and after each completed superset there is 60 seconds of skipping in between. Here is the workout breakdown:

Superset One: Repeat 3 times
1. Chest Press
1a.  Push ups
60 second of skipping

Superset Two: Repeat 3 times
2. V Press
2a. Serratus pull ups
60 sec skipping

Superset Three:Repeat 3 times
3. Decline chest press
3a. Cable press
60 sec of skipping

Superset Four:Repeat 3 times
4. Tricep kickbacks with a twist
4a. One arm cable pull down and kick back
60 sec of skipping

Superset Five: Repeat 3 times
5. Bosu ground pounds
5a. Shoulder Raises
60 sec of skipping

Have a great day!

Full Body Developments Inc.

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