Today’s Workout :)

A two part exercise routine that will definitely get your heart rate up! Part one is completed one time through, while part two is completed 3 times. Enjoy! 🙂

Part One:
Set your interval timer to 3 Rounds of 50/30: 50 seconds of an ab exercise, 30 seconds of skipping
1. 50 seconds Plank jacks
2. 30 seconds Skipping
3. 50 seconds Cherry pickers
4. 30 seconds Skipping
5. 50 seconds 90 degree double crunch
6. 30 seconds of skipping

Part Two:
Set your interval timer to 12 Rounds of 10/50:
1. Squat with leg lifts
2. Jump overs – 1 push up
3. Equalizer side straddle runs – burpee
4. Sandbag swings

Full Body Developments Inc

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