Resolution Challenge #4

This week we heard a really great talk from a registered dietician and she had answer so many questions about things as trainers that we hear almost daily. The one thing I hear a lot is “I don’t eat carbs”. When I ask why, they almost look at me like I am from a different planet as they assumed I would say to them “good job!”. But the truth is we need carbs, they are extremely vital to us, not only are they a source of energy but they are also our brain food. Carbs allow our brains to function and without it, there is no other source that our brain can use so it would simply shut down. But what we tend to think when we think of carbs is baked goods like cakes, desserts, croissants, doughnuts, muffins, bread, pasta, etc etc. But what about legumes? Starchy vegetables? Whole grains? Fruits? Milk products?  Vegetables? Cause guess what.. those have carbs. So when you say you don’t eat carbs we hope you mean you have cut down on the consumption of simple carbs, carbs that break down quickly and will spike up your blood sugar quickly and are consuming more of the healthier complex carbs. So here is our challenge:

Resolution Challenge #4:

Stop worrying about carbs, well at least the complex carbs, the carbs that are healthy for you. You need to eat vegetables, you need to consume whole grains. So when you are anti-pasta ask yourself why? Is it white pasta? Then yes, don’t eat it because its what i call an empty food source. Meaning, you are not getting anything out of eating it and it won’t help you out in your goal to health and fitness. But if you want pasta here is what you do: Buy/make it yourself, buy whole grain or whole wheat, don’t add too much creamy sauces and watch your portion size. Its that simple. Carbs are not the enemy, the real enemy is temptation.. temptation to eat more than you need or add more of that favourite creamy sauce. Don’t avoid the carbs that will benefit you and even if you do consume simple carbs like fruits, don’t worry about it, just watch how much you eat and pair it up with something like some almonds. Try to learn more about carbs and don’t fall into the no carb diet traps, you are not feeding your brain and in the end, you will cause more damage than good. 🙂

Here is a quick list of simple and complex carbs, simple carbs you want to watch your consumption of but don’t completely avoid them as some of them are healthy for us.

Simple carbs:
1. Fruits
2. Milk
3. Milk products
4. Vegetables
Bad sources of simple carbs:
1. Candy
2. Cake
3. Anything that has refined sugars

Complex carbs:
1. Whole grain/whole wheat breads
2. Legumes
3. Brown Rice
4. Whole grain/whole wheat pasta
5. Starchy vegetables

If you are consistent with your training, carbs will be a very vital part of your diet as it will help you have the energy to push through your workouts :).

Have a wonderful day!

Full Body Developments Inc.

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