Todays Workout!

Todays workout will have two parts to it, part 1 will be 5 minute abs and part 2 will be the interval training workout. Remember to warm up 3-5 minutes before this or any workout, it is extremely important so that your body is ready and knows that it is time to workout. Warming up will allow you to get better results and avoid injuries, without warming up blood isn’t being focused into the muscles and this is what will cause injuries. So get moving, whether its doing jumping jacks, running around, being goofy or doing whatever to get your heart rate up and getting the blood focused into the muscles. Anyways, enough about that… here is today’s workout:

Part One: 5 min abs
Set your interval timer to 5 Rounds of 10/1:00 intervals
1. Hanging knee crunch
2. Alternating opposite toe touch
3. Reptile planks
4. Heels to heaven
5. Leg tucks

Part Two: Interval Workout
Set your interval timer to 15 Rounds of 10/50 intervals
1. Side step up with elbow to knee twist
2. Side step up with elbow to knee twist
3. Sandbag push up – 3 sandbag shoulder raises
4. Alternating wood choppers with medicine ball
5. 3 jump tucks- 3 plank jacks

To see this and other workouts in our workout journal visit our 2012 workout journal page.

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