Full Body Lebert Equalizer Workout- August 4, 2012

Hello everyone,

Today is EXACTLY two weeks before Chad and myself tie the knot! So for the next two weeks we want really great workouts that are fast & effective. As it is coming down to crunch time (we have just little things left to do) we want to be able to get those done, workout & have time for us! So today’s workout was a GREAT example of what we are needing. This entire workout only uses the Lebert Equalizer, if you don’t have one, we must say that it is a great piece of equipment!

Here is the workout breakdown- you have NO time for rest in this workout as you are using the 10 second to organize the Equalizer for the next exercise- it is extremely fast paced:

Full Body Lebert Equalizer Workout: 
Set your gymboss timer to 18 rounds of 10/40 & complete the following: 
> High knee shuffle – 3 jump squats (jump squats after you shuffled over the two equalizers)
> Plank shuffle with pushup  (push up at beginning, in between the equalizer & at the end)
> Bulgarian split lunges- R
> Bulgarian split lunges- L
> Inverted row (i only used one equalizer for this)
> Star crunch knee ups (support yourself on the equalizer & bring your knees in front of you but then spread your legs straight out in-front of you- this will get your obliques as well!)




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