Crackin’ Down Workout- June 28, 2012


Tonights workout is called Crackin’ Down Workout because I have a ton of studying to do for my insurance licensing (insurance agent by day.. personal trainer by night/weekends hehe). However, because of the intense material I must know, I have not been able to workout as often as I’d like to and I seriously feel ‘squishier’, so this workout is my pre-study time. Point of this is to get myself feeling better and get rid of all that excess energy so I can sit still and study!

So here is tonight’s workout:

Set your timer to 16R’s of 10/45 and complete the following:
>Overhead medicine ball squat to knee touch
>Side shuffles (I am using my dip station and laying it flat on the ground so I can shuffle over it)
>Cobra push ups (just like you were doing the cobra position in yoga, except push up style!)
>Pike Bench jump overs (don’t have a bench? place your mat on the ground, and jump over that!)

Enjoy! 🙂



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