May 11 Workouts- Chad and Jessica’s Pyramid Workouts!


Today Chad and I did our own pyramid workout.. here is both of them:

May 11, 2012: Pyramid Workout/Time Challenge

Pyramid workout will consist of 5 rounds.. the rounds will increase in reps and then decrease. Todays pyramid looks like this:
Round 1: 5 reps/exercise
Round 2: 10 reps/exericse
Round 3: 15 reps/exercise
Round 4: 10 reps/exercise
Round 5: 5 reps/exercise
This workout is also a time challenge, you will time yourself to see how long it takes you to complete it, then you can re-do this workout another time and see if you can beat your time. However, form comes before time! So don’t lack on proper form to get a fast time, quality before quantity!


1. Jump squats
2. Rear delt flies (10lbs)
3. Bent over dumbbell rows (10lbs)
4. Walk out push ups (from a standing position, walk out into a plank and push up and walk back up to a standing position)
5. Mountain climbers
6. Chest press (30lbs)

Chads time: 12:25 


1. Stiff legged dead lift with row
2. Plank double jacks on medicine ball (no medicine ball? Thats okay, the ground works:)
3. Alternating sumo squats to cross overs
4. Commando push ups with flying supermans (push yourself up, as you lift up extend your arm and opposite leg straight out, hold and then lay back down, repeat and alternate sides)
5. Quick toe taps (find something to quickly tap, I will use our sandbag but you can use a step, a medicine ball, a weight, etc)

** #3, 4 and 5 .. make sure to count each side as one rep (i.e. commando push ups with flying supermans.. each side should have done their own reps.. so start of the pyramid 5 reps/exercise would be a total of 10 reps.. 5 reps per side.)

Jessica’s Time: 20:18

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