Register for our Boot Camp today!

Hey guys,

Summer is on its way! If you are living in the Edmonton area then you should register for Full Body Developments first annual boot camp. The boot camps will be starting May 1 till August 9 every tuesday and thursday evenings at 7pm. We are extremely excited for this as its our ‘coming out’ before we open our in home studio, which we are really hoping for that to happen before November 2012! Each boot camp session is $10.00 and includes two packages:

15 sessions = $150
30 sessions= $300
OR, if you just want to try us out you can pay a drop in fee of $15.

The boot camp will consist of things like a battle rope, medicine balls and exercises that will get your heart rate up and get those pounds shedding! Our first class will consist of a Fit Test where you will write down your MAX reps of each exercise (with proper form) that you can do, this is to see where you are at. The second last session will be another Fit Test, performing the same exercises and writing down your MAX reps with proper form to see your progression.

We also want to give something to those who refer their friend(s). So we are introducing a referral system.

Full Body Developments Boot Camp Referral System:

Refer 1 friend= $10 off your package price
Refer 2 friends= $20 off your package price
Refer 3 friends= 2 free Personal Training sessions** or $40 off your package price
Refer 4 friends= 3 free Personal Training sessions** or $80 off your package price
Refer 5 friends= 4 Personal Training sessions** or 50% off your package price

** free personal training sessions are for our new studio. Since we do not currently have our new studio up yet, you have the option of either waiting for our new studio or taking the money off your total price. Personal training sessions are 60 minute sessions.

So, if you are living in the Edmonton area and want to join our first annual boot camp then click here to register and we will contact you shortly! We look forward to seeing you in May and having a wicked workout with you! 🙂

Full Body Developments Inc,

Helping your reach your FULL potential. 

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