Stretch Pages

Hello everybody! 🙂

Jessica and myself have finally both gotten over the latest Flu Bug to hit Edmonton, so we finally have some of the stretch pages up for you guys. Now we have not uploaded all of our stretches so keep posted as we will continue to add some. But for the time being, we have some uploaded and ready for you guys…All you have to do is scroll over the “Stretches” link, and you will be able to click on which ever part you want to stretch.

If anybody has any stretches they would like to share please let us know. You can submit photos, or just an explanation of what the stretch is to We would be more than happy to put it on the site 🙂

We hope this helps, and don’t forget to stay tuned as we will be posting more

Have a great day! 🙂

Full Body Developments Inc.
Chad and JessicaCertified Personal Trainers

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