Yesterday’s Workout Clip

Hey guys,

So yesterday we did another strength training routine. We worked on back and biceps. Watch the workout clip to see what we did :).

January 10, 2012 Workout Clip 

Here is the breakdown:
We did 3 sets of every exercise:
1. TRX bicep curls (max reps) superset with super 7′s
2. Seated wide broken wristed bicep curls (10-15 reps) then to regular bicep curls (5 reps)
3. Wide grip straight armed lat pull (max reps)
4. Cable 1 arm row (max reps)
5. Shoulder press (max reps) superset with front-side shoulder raises (max rep using a very light weight)

Have a great day and we will see you sunday night for the Resolution Workout #3!

Full Body Developments Inc.

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