Todays Workout Journal!

Hey guys,

Only 3 more days till Santa comes for a visit! Yay!! Getting pretty excited but that also means there will be a ton of really bad food… so.. we decided to put together a cardio crazed workout to help pre-burn those empty calories ;). Here is what we did:

December 22, 2011 Workout

Part One: 5 min abs:
Set interval timer to 5R’s of 10/1:00 intervals:
1. Around the world leg lifts
2. Bosu crunch with knee in
3. V-ups
4.  Cherry pickers
5. Plank

Part Two: Workout!
Set your interval timer to 21 R’s of 10/50:
1. high knee skipping
2. shoulder raises (front and side raises)
3. high knee skipping
4. bosu back extensions (or bench, stability ball, etc. doesn’t need to be a bosu)
5. high knee skipping
6. sandbag stationary 1-2-3 lunges (lunge down and do 3 pulses, then come back all the way up, repeat)
7. sandbag stationary 1-2-3 lunges (switch legs)

Have a fantastic day!
Full Body Developments Inc.
1. skipping 101/108/96
2. shoulder raises 20/21/22
3. skipping 106/116/109
4. back extensions 19/18/23
5. skipping 104/108/70
6. lunges -R 10/10/11
7. lunges-L 10/11/10

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