This, That and The Other.. Some Future Plans

Chad and I love communicating with you guys about our workouts, our favourtie equipment and our favourite product, Visalus. Full Body Developments will be making some changes in the near future (some starting today) and we hope you all appreciate the changes and hope it helps with your journey into fitness. But before we get into that, we wanted to take some time to really explain what Full Body Developments Inc. is really about. So here it is:

Full Body Developments Inc. is a site based on fitness and health. Now, that doesn’t mean that Chad and I are perfect, that we follow a strict diet plan and are flawless people, trust me,  we have flaws.. lots of them. 🙂 We are just two people who love each other, love fitness, love trying new things and love communicating with people. Chad recently got his PTS certification and I have had my PTS certification for over a year. Personal training is something we both love and it fits with our lifestyle and personality.

When we first made this website we knew that one day we wanted to open our own studio and do our own thing. But FBD wasn’t about this quite yet, it was just sharing our experience and honest opinion about Visalus. But then we wanted to share so much more!  So we sat there thinking and decided ‘why don’t we show them our favourite workout of the week?’ and done! That is what we did.

To be honest, we have fun making the videos and sometimes they take a little long to make because Chad can’t get his lines right (haha actually.. its more like we just both start bursting into laughter for no apparent reason) but in the end i think they turn out great. We wanted to be real in the videos and not overly serious, why? Because fitness is boring to a lot of people but to us, it is fun and challenging and we wanted to portray that in our videos. Yes, we know not everyone will like our style of training and they may not even like us but that is who we are, so take us as we are :).

We all have a goal and most of us have a fitness goal. Whatever this goal may be we hope that we can help you achieve it and reach your full potential. Chad and I have our own fitness goals, for instance, my goal is to get lean and tone up a bit more and Chads is to add a bit more mass. So FBD is a site where you can take a journey into fitness and reach your goal, take the plunge with us and lets help each other reach our goals!

Some Changes..

We want to get more involved and have the people who subscribe or follow us get more involved. But we realize that in order to get that, we have to communicate more with you guys. So as personal trainers, we are addicted to working out and we pretty much work out every day. So instead of making a daily work out videos, we will post our daily workout and you can choose to do this workout or not. You can find this under the new menu ‘Workout Journal‘, and this will be where we post our goals, our times, reps, etc. and we hope that eventually you guys will share your times and reps as well. You can even post your own workout that you did that day on this page, or on the comments page or e-mail us your workout and we will do your workout in our next video.

We are also adding a page about stretching. This page will just be pictures of us stretching, showing the start and finish of the stretch. We want to really emphasize the importance of stretching and we hope that you will use this resource to stretch daily or at least, after every workout.

Another page that we want to eventually add is an exercise resource page. This page will be our favourite exercises with certain equipment that we have. So far we are thinking of having an exercise resource on the TRX, Bosu, Sandbag, and Dynamax medicine ball. Eventually we will have more though. And again, share your exercises that you love! 🙂

Later in the future, when Chad and I have our own thing going on we want to make this site for our online clients (thats you!) and for our 1 on 1 clients. We want it to be a place where clients with the same goals or frustrations can talk to each other to help them through any bumps in the road. This is important to us as it is sometimes easier to talk to someone who has gone through the same thing, instead of someone who hasn’t.

Last but not least, we will start having give-aways. This could be a Visalus product, Lulu lemon clothing, hats, or anything else. This is just something to let our online community and our clients get involved and win some free stuff :).

Anyways sorry for this long message but we are just really excited! We would also like to take the time, before we say good bye, to all those who have subscribed to our site, on our YouTube Channel, who have befriended us on YouTube, who have liked us on Facebook and Twitter and finally for those who e-mail us. It is much appreciated! 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

Full Body Developments Inc.

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