Krista is a mother of 2 and for years she never really gave herself the time to really focus on her. But since the start of 2016 she made a promise to herself to eat healthy, workout hard and stay committed, not only for herself but for her family. Good work Krista, keep it up!

kaylacoverKayla is a mother of 1 and a soon to be bride. When we did our Points Challenge at the beginning of 2016, Kayla wanted to continue using that template even after she won the challenge. She wanted to challenge herself everyday and make it a part of her life. We couldn’t be more proud!


Another mother of 2! She came to us already pretty fit and living a very healthy and active lifestyle but wanted to be challenged. She now not only keeps being challenged but inspires our other clients to push themselves even more. To this day she keeps bringing on, what we call ‘beast mode’ into the studio!

transform copy

Our Early Bird Client Devon has dedicated himself to changing his body through Full Body fitness. In 3 months he has made a huge transformation and is continuing to push himself harder every day. Want to be the next success story? Give Full Body Developments a try and let us help you reach your FULL potential!


Another great success story! This mother of two stayed focused inside and outside the studio and the results prove it. Not only did she lose all the post pregnancy baby weight, she completely transformed herself by leaning out and adding muscle mass. Good work!

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