Protein Powders

Hey everyone, we have been getting a lot of questions about protein powders. Unfortunately, going out and buying protein powder isn’t that simple, as you probably found out, because there a soo many different types. Heres a breakdown and hopefully this helps!

First- protein powders are one of those things where its trial and error, some may make you feel bloated while others don’t. Just because one type doesn’t sit well with you, doesn’t mean you can’t take protein powders, it just means you have to keep trying different types.

Okay, so here is the breakdown:
Here are some of the different types of proteins you may run into: whey concentrate, casein protein, whey isolates, soy protein, milk protein isolate and a couple others that aren’t as popular.

Whey concentrate is one of the most basics forms of protein that is found in many products. However, a lot of people including myself find it hard to digest. So personally, I would stay away from that for now as this tends to turn a lot of people away from taking a protein powder.

Casein is great especially if you make a smoothie. It slowly breaks down for several hours (5-7 hrs) so this is why its great to use as a meal replacement.

Whey isolates is my favourite as its the only type of protein (other than casein) that hasn’t made me feel gross. It is a quick absorbing protein but is usually pricier. Most of them are great for low carb diets and are low in sugars. I use it as either a pre or post workout drink and also in my recipes.

Soy protein – I would only recommend this type if your a vegetarian. I am not a huge fan of soy proteins/products, however, if you can handle soy products there are a list of benefits of soy protein. Just watch for the sugar content in the flavoured soy protein

Milk protein isolate contains both casein and whey proteins and because of this it may not sit well with some people.

Plant Based Protein is not as popular as Whey Isolate but boy can it pack a punch. Peas are a great source of protein for those who choose to go with a Vegan plant based protein. Make sure you find pea protein that has at least 30g of protein, and at least 5g of both BCAA and Glutamine. This should be easy to digest as there no milk or animal products in it.

So as you can see there are a TON of protein powders and its really a trial and error to see which ones will sit with you well.

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Hope this helps

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