FBD Flex Nutrition Program

Join a small group for 12 weeks in my new Nutrition Program. This is a SMALL but more private group which allows more of a 1-on-1 feel.
🔸Bi-weekly check ins for weight, measurements, calories and macros.
🔸Weekly access to Q&A
🔸Movement challenges
🔸Live chats and education

✳️Start Date: You can join at any time after a 4 week rotation. First rotation begins September 12.
🛑End Date: After 12 weeks, depending what date you started

Only allowing 5 members to join at a time. After the 12 weeks, you can continue to be a part of the program at a discounted rate. You stay with the group for as long as you like to.

Initial cost: $299 + GST (for 12 weeks- $100/month)Continuation cost: $199 + GST (for additional 12 weeks- $66/month)

Invite your friends and familys to create your very own accountability circle.

Common questions:
1. Will you still run challenges? Maybe but currently I want to try to focus on smaller groups
2. Will a meal plan be incorporated? No, meal plans are not something I believe in as they are not sustainable.
3. Will workouts be incorporated? No, but I will be sharing movement challenges and maybe share a workout here and there, but it’s not “part” of it.
4. Will I be able to access you at anytime? This is something I have thought long about. I think it’s best to have set days where I am “open” for dicussion. If you have questions throughtout the week, I will do a LIVE Q&A and address them there. The idea is to share thoughts, questions and answers as that is how we learn.

So, if you are ready to commit, send us message to fbd.jess@gmail.com to register for the next round of our FBD FLEX Nutrtion Program!

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