Protein Pancakes

So who doesn’t like to enjoy pancakes for breakfast? To bad they aren’t the healthiest for you though. 😦 Wouldn’t it be awesome to enjoy some guilt free and delicious pancakes?? Well it may just be your day!

Try this easy to make recipe.

Protein Pancakes:

1/4 cup egg whites (we use 2 egg whites)
1-2 scoops of Protein Powder
1/2 banana
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp flaxseed (crushed up is better)
Handful of fresh or frozen fruit (our favourite is mixing blueberries and raspberries)

1. Mash up the banana
2. Whisk together the egg, protein powder, banana, cinnamon and flaxseed until smooth
3. Heat a skillet on medium heat, ensure your skillet is non stick or spray the skillet as these pancakes tend to stick. Once heated lower the heat to low.
4. Scoop the pancake mix with a large spoon.
5. As soon as you see little bubbles forming flip the pancake over. Ensure the heat isn’t too high as these pancakes are very easy to burn.

Makes approximately 5-6 medium sized pancakes.

Remember, if you have any healthy recipes that you would like to share, you can e-mail us at

Full Body Developments Inc.

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