Find Balance in Your Life

When we use the word balance in this title we don’t mean it as the term used as balancing on one leg, we actually mean balancing your life! Huh?!?! What on earth does that even mean??!? Well, today we are so busy with work, chores, house cleaning, yard cleaning, paying bills, making meals, etc. And what happens is we forget to find the time for things that matter most to us.

Have you ever just looked at the person next to you when you are stopped at a red light? Do they look happy? Do they look stressed, rushed and annoyed that they had to stop at that red light, that will only take one minute of their time away? Most likely they do. You see, we sometimes get so caught up in things that we add WAY more stress to our lives then need be, and I personally can attest to that! Remember that saying ‘things happen for a reason’? Well, did you ever just stop and think that maybe if that light hadn’t turn red then maybe the driver a block ahead would have spilt their coffee, freaked out and gone right through the intersection. Sounds silly right? But is it?

Here is a little fun fact, well its not really fun but its a fact. I use to be so self conscious about wearing my glasses, to the point that I wouldn’t be seen out if I had to wear my glasses. Seriously?!?! Looking back now (which it has only been 3 weeks) that was a really stupid thing to be self conscious about. Why would I add that added stress and unhappiness to my life over a piece of metal with two lenses that help me see!!!? Ugh, it is seriously ridiculous. The reason I finally came to this conclusion was because I, as some of you know, had iritis (for those of you who don’t know, iritis is inflammation of the iris, coloured part of your eye, in more severe cases the iris sticks to your lens, and the way to help it relax is to dilate your pupil). So for the first week and a half I was the most self conscious girl in the world, or so it seemed because not only was I forced to wear my glasses but I also had one normal looking eye and one really funky, big pupil, eye. Chad would seriously get mad at me when I would say anything negative or bad about this situation and I thank him for that because if he had listened to me and said “aaww yea Jessica, that does suck”, then I would have milked it, felt bad about myself and my eye situation and been unhappy. But nnoo, Chad has to be great and make me realize how ridiculous this all was. (Thanks Chad..)

So long story short, I finished the workout today and realized I had an overwhelming sense of happiness for no particular reason. Especially since I went to the doctor today and he told me that my pupil would probably not go back to normal, but this isn’t good news so this can’t be the cause of my happiness. When I tried to find out why, all I could come up with was that I had found balance.. which led to a sense of peace/happiness. You see, if we focus too much on the little things we will never be happy and remember, even if the little things seem big there are always way worse situations. What we need to realize is that there is time for worry, time for work, time for family, time for friends, time for you, etc etc. We need to make TIME! Pop open that bottle of your favourite wine after a hard day of work and enjoy that glass! Turn on that tv and make time to watch your favourite show or the show everyone is talking about, but you didn’t have ‘time’ for. Go out with your buddy’s that you haven’t seen in ages because in the end, I am sure they would much rather hang out with you for 30 minutes then not see you for months at a time. Find TIME for the things that matter, stop worrying about the things that don’t and find that happy medium where you can find that sense of happiness because in the end, life is so much better when you are stress free and happy.

The next time your boss gives you a hard time, make him/her read this and say “hey! Don’t take me away from my sense of happiness!” 😉
Your welcome!!

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