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Whether you are interested in joining our one-on-one personal training, couples training, or one of our popular HIIT classes you can reach us at:
Jessica (owner/personal trainer) :     780-966-0440
Chad (owner/personal trainer):          780-914-0077

We are located in”ONE at Keswick” in Windermere, 2179 Koshal Way, T6W3S3

You can also like Full Body Developments on facebook by clicking here!

2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi, I’ve found your website from a recommendation via Facebook. I was wondering about your prices for personal training, and if there is a monthly membership fee on top of that. I also work shift work so wondering if the training is flexible, or has to be like 6pm mon-wed etc.

    1. Hi Mandy,

      Thanks so much for contacting us. Our prices are listed at this link and essentially you pay for the whole month for whatever package you choose. (ie. if you choose to train on the 3 month package 3x/week, you would pay for the 12 sessions up front at the 3 month price). There is no monthly membership fee, as we only do personal training or couples training, and at no time is there just a free open gym to be used.

      We can definitely work around schedules, it just depends if we have the openings for you. If you want more information you can definitely e-mail us at or facebook us as well. 🙂

      We look forward to hearing back from you.

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