14 Week Summer Bod Challenge



WHEN: June 4 until September 10
ENTRY FEE: $0 however, we would really appreciate an honest rating on Facebook or google. That would be an amazing entry fee 😊

This will be a tough challenge but again, challenges are not suppose to be about winning or losing, it’s just suppose to bring you consciously aware of what you are doing outside of the gym that is interfering with you reaching your goal- whether it’s that one too many meal outings, too many high caloric drinks, not enough movement in general, not eating enough, etc the list can go on. We just add the winning aspect to help keep you motivated haha.

The truth is, most of us all have a goal we want to reach. Ultimately our MAIN focus and goal should really just be that we want to stay healthy and active but we all have that ‘dream’ body we are aiming to get. But we also tend to allow excuses get in the way of reaching those goals. Examples:
– “I didn’t have time to make dinner so I had to pick up McDonalds”
– “My buds have a drink or two and I don’t want to seem lame not joining in”
– “I am too tired to push through this workout”
– “Got too much to do to workout today”
Whatever excuse you have or tend to use, this challenge is about focusing on NOT having an excuse. Because let’s face it, we all have busy lives and we all get exhausted or have those friends that drink throughout the hot weekdays. But, sometimes we need to get our ass in gear and be the lame friend (sometimes) to get what we so badly desire, if that is what you desire. And hey, if you are not willing to sacrifice or drop the excuses then you have no reason to complain about not reaching your goal. Either you want it or you don’t, sorry guys it is that simple.

So how is this challenge laid out?
Pick your category:
Lean out: “I don’t care about the scale, I just want more definition!” “I want to see more abs!” “Toned”
Weight loss: “I have #lbs to lose” “I want to be #lbs” “I want to lose a certain amount of inches overall”
Weight gain: “Give me mass!” “I need to put on weight”

Pick your personal goal(s):
Whether it’s one goal or five, we don’t care. Just tell us what you hope to accomplish or train more to reach that accomplishment. Example: Sprinting on the treadmill for a certain length of time, reaching a certain weight goal with the sled or bench presses, mastering pistol squats etc. You get the idea- what do you want to work towards becoming better at.

What’s your excuse?:
Yepp, we want to hear it and we want YOU to be aware of it. So write it down and that way, when you catch yourself saying it or even thinking of it, you can realize that you need to drop it and get shit done. You may have more than one!

Pictures and measurement:
Like the previous challenge, we will take pictures at the start and at the end of the challenge.
Measurements will be done on a monthly basis

Mini Challenges:
We will host some mini challenges along the way. Our aim will be 2 different challenges per month and your goal is to be competitive and try to win them. These may include highest watts on airbike, longest battlerope, plank holds.. anything like that.

How do you win:
For mini challenges: On a point scale. Every challenge you win you get a point. If you collect the most points you get a FREE session at the end of the Summer Bod Challenge.

For the 14 week Summer Bod Challenge: Same as last challenge, if you reach or surpass your goal you win. Reaching personal goals may help determine whether you win 1st or 2nd place.

What do you win:
1st place: $100 worth of sessions (group or PT sessions) and some FBD swag.
2nd place: $50 worth of sessions (group or PT sessions) and an FBD swag.

So who’s in?  You can sign up below! (Chad and I will be joining too but we can’t win 😦 )

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