Do It For You! 92 Day Fitness Challenge

Do It For You! 92 Day Fitness Challenge


Challenge Objection:
Push yourself to your absolute max, no excuses! You give every workout your all, whether it’s in the studio or not. Set a realistic and attainable goal, but one that will make you have to work hard.
Set a category goal: Details below (Weight loss, weight gain, lean out) and the amount you want to add, lose, etc AND have a performance goal (ie. 5 chin ups in a row, sled push 500lbs, etc)

Training with this challenge:
To keep it fair, workouts will be all laid out the same way for everyone in the challenge, yet still catered to you, unless it’s a group class. Sessions will remain the same but if you feel the need to join a class or add an extra session, we can try to make something work for you.

How Do You Win:
We provide you with the workouts, it’s up to you to bring your beast mode to each session and also to stay active outside the studio. Also, to be conscious of what you eat that can potentially have a negative impact on your fitness goal. So here is the thing, we provide you with the workouts and try to help motivate you to keep going and to bring the intensity, but ultimately it’s up to YOU to bring your A-game to each session and to listen to our cues and not give up! If you are not reaching your goals currently, ask yourself why?
– Are you not staying active enough outside the studio?
– Are you relying just on us? Remember the most successful clients are those that stay active outside their training sessions
– Are you focusing too much on the uncomfortable feeling of working out, instead of pushing yourself a little bit more?
-Are you stopping a certain exercise because you start to feel the muscles burning or shaking, when really you probably have 1-3 more reps left in you?
– Is it outside stimuli preventing you from reaching your goal? (ie. alcohol, fast food, processed foods/sugars, baked goods, etc)

This challenge is a great one to help break through any of these things that are preventing you from reaching your goal. Let’s work together and break bad habits and make being fit and healthy a norm!

With that all said, we will take measurements once a month and start with an initial picture and end with a final picture to compare. Winners will be determined by who reaches their goal or surpasses it. (Goals have to be approved by us, as we can’t have a goal being “to lose 2 lbs”, that’s too attainable.)

1st place: 1 month FREE sessions of what you are signed up for by Nov 1. So if you want to do more sessions, now is the time to secure your spot and add those sessions. The free month will be for February.
PLUS a gift bag of goodies to help you along your fitness journey and recovery ($ value to be determined)

2nd place: 2 FREE personal training sessions AND 2 FREE group classes.

Goals and Categories:
– Weight loss
– Weight gain
– Lean out

Weight loss:
Pick a realistic and ideal weight loss goal. We will have to approve it beforehand. 1lbs weight loss will not be accepted (sorry! 😉 ) No excuse category, you are all in!! We say sprint, you sprint! We say focus on every rep, go slow and feel the burn!

Weight gain:
Want to build some serious muscle and look thicker! Here is another no excuse category! We give you a weight, you lift it! We know what you are capable of, so let’s work hard for it! Again, goal must be approved by us. Remember you cannot put on muscle if you don’t fuel your body- want to be a beast, then feed the beast!

Lean out:
Your content with your current weight but want to see more definition. You don’t necessarily want to lose weight, but maybe okay with adding a bit on to add those lean muscles to your look. Physical appearance is what you are aiming for here. Show us a picture of a past you or explain to us what you are wanting to achieve. Again, your goal must be approved by us.

Whatever category you choose, this is all about you and what YOU want! Remember, we can only help you so much, but reality is it really comes down to you and the effort YOU put into yourself in the studio and out!


  • Track your food by using a food journal or start using My Fitness Pal. No one likes to track, but remember this is a no excuse zone. Once you track your food for a few weeks, it will become norm and you may not need to keep tracking. Remember, we are aiming on starting good habits!
  • Stay hydrated! Not drinking enough water causes us to feel bloated and can actually cause weight gain. Muscles cannot grow if you are not hydrated and not to mention, more injuries will occur in a dehydrated body.
  • Cut back on the coffee, if you drinking more coffee then water- this is a problem. Remember a dehydrated body doesn’t respond well to exercise. Fatigue, stress and injuries can occur. (Please note: we are not saying to cut out coffee, just limit your intake and replace some cup of joe with water)
  • Cut out the juice! Unless it’s freshly made, juices should not be a staple in your diet.
  • Don’t cut out carbs completely if your goal is weight loss- you need carbs. But you can start to limit pasta’s, breads, rice, etc. Add more veggies and fruits to your diet. We can gaurantee you, you are probably not eating enough veggies in your day to day life
  • Protein it up! Protein helps to build and repair, and you may be surprised by how little amount of protein you are actually eating, so start to add more!
  • Colourful plate means a plate full of nutrious benefits! Vitamins and minerals are just as important to you as macros. Feeling sluggish? Could be a simple fix of adding more colour to your diet!

So with all that said, are you ready to commit? Are you ready to work hard to reach your goal? If so, sign up NOW for the Do It For You 92 Day Challenge with Full Body Developments! Sign up below!






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